Aug 19

By Rick Hubbard

It is always important to ensure customers can find your affiliate marketing or other online businesswebsite. In order to do this, various means of marketing are available. However, especially in today’s economy, some traditional forms of marketing are proving to be too expensive as well as not have a significant return on investment.

Because of this expense, many web site owners are turning to article marketing as a means to get their content exposed to the general public. All you need is to know how to write articles and submit them to directories.

Article marketing means that you write an article on a topic that is relevant to your site and then publish it on another website. The most common places to post articles are article directories, blog sites, social networking sites, forums and newsletters.

Article marketing allows others to be exposed to your material and return to your source site for additional information.

Article marketing is a great way to support SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. The way this works is that content is developed for other sites and it links back to your site. This provides back links that are highly valuable in increasing your search engine rankings.

In addition, it exposes your content to others who are likely to republish your material or refer to it from their own sites or profiles on social networking sites. It increases the number of visitors who visit your site as well as increases back links. Both increased traffic and a variety of back links directly influence your search engine rankings.

Before you start an article marketing campaign you must first know how to write articles and find suitable content to write about. You need to research ideas and your particular niche to ensure relevant content.

Consider the type of business you own and what information your users may find valuable. Create a list of various topics that may be useful to your readers. Then, write articles that are at least four hundred words and submit them to the various sites. Your content should be of high quality and useful as well as relevant to your primary business niche.

There are many different article directories available online and submitting your articles to each one can prove time consuming. However, there is a way to cut the amount of time you spend submitting the articles you write. There are services available that will take your single article and submit it to multiple sites at once. This accomplishes in one step all you need to without incurring a lot of time or effort.

Many article services are free or available at a nominal cost. Even if you choose to go with a paid submission site, the return on investment is well worth the small price that is paid.

When submitting your article marketing to sites, though, the most important part is effective use of the author box. This is the area of the article where you can give a few sentences that directly promote your site and give the reader information about your business.

They are called resource boxes, author boxes or author bios. You should write two to three sentences about your business, what it offers and always include a link to your site.

Using the author box effectively enables you to provide an automatic back link to your site that will increase your search engine rankings. It not only has a direct result in search engine rankings but also allows readers of the article to directly browse to your website, increasing your traffic.

An article marketing campaign is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to increase exposure to your site, subsequently increasing the odds of additional sales.

Aug 14
How Important Can SEO Be?
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By Maria Johnsen

When we say SEO, what do we exactly mean by that? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In case you are an amateur in the field of SEO, don’t get bogged down by the technical terms. In simple words, SEO means that when someone tries to look out for information in the search engines and put some keywords in the search engines, the search engine will list your site. This way, SEO can get your site is listed above the rest and you can get clients who may be interested in your products.

The most important task of a SEO is to concentrate its efforts on how to get higher ranks in the search engines, by employing economical means. There are other options available, which are costly.

You may shell out more money of higher end tools such as SEO elite, but actually speaking, there is no need to spend money on such tools. Instead of spending more money on tools to generate traffic to your website, you should try to get fresh and crisp content that is useful to your customers.

Search engines invariably look out for content that is fresh as well as relevant. The search engines treat irrelevant material full of keywords as garbage. Garbage content will have lots of keywords in order to get higher rankings in the search engines. Therefore, the search engines treat such sites as garbage and are always on the look out for fresh and relevant content. To get noticed on the internet, you should maintain high quality of the articles. This way, even if the rank of the site goes down, its rich content will leave its mark on the net.

From the points listed above, you would have realized the importance of SEO. Just as SEO is important, there is one more thing that can be used to increase the traffic to your website.

Do you know how important the back links are?

To know the effectiveness of back links, try to share back links with a site which is similar to yours and has a good PR. After some time, if you check Google, you will realize that the traffic on your website has increased manifold.

In a striking contrast, if you try to get a back link with a site that is not well known and has a low traffic and lower PR, then, you will be shocked to know that after a week’s time, you will get lesser traffic to your website and your PR ratings will go down, for no fault of yours. So, back links can play a very important role in getting the traffic as well as in your PR ranks.

Get a back link with a high ranking PR and the traffic to you website will increase, and this will improve your PR rankings too.

But commit a mistake of having a back link with a low PR website and both the traffic to your website as well as your PR rank will doom.

Jul 17

By Gill Taylor

Using SEO, search engine optimization, and keyword research is a rather simple and reproducible way to start making money on the internet. Let’s look at the basics that every internet marketer worth their salt goes through.

Step 1: Get into the mind of your buyer -You can start by thinking about the overall intent and motivation of your potential buyer. Can you think about what questions they are asking? What are they trying to do? You should use all these questions and start doing some keyword research.

Remember that you get 2 types of buyers. The first is a more analytical thinker and tends to ask many how and what questions. How to make money online? What is the fastest way to make money? What is the safest way to start an online business? How do I get traffic?

Other prospects are more emotional and relational in their approach. Spontaneous and humanistic types are concerned with the experience and the results: best selling money ebook, most successful online business, internet marketing for newbies.

Start thinking like your potential customer Nearly all people want to make easy money and many people want to make money online. However, not all people want to start a business. So you would rather use the words that people use who want to make money, even though they probably have to start an online business to do so. Knowing where they are in the buying process will help you convert traffic into sales easier.

Step 2: Now start thinking a little wider -You can use a keyword analysing tool like Wordtracker Keyword Universe. You could use the keywords from step 1 and get more options by using the thesaurus option. Get some wider and broader terms around ‘make money online’. Make sure that the new keyword phrases comply with the theme of your website, something in the line of ‘get rich quick’, start a home business’ and ‘work from home’. Just remember to include the buyer keywords, because quality keywords are worth more than many crappy keywords.

Step 3: Prioritize your keywords -When you prioritize your keywords you should look at how strong a buyer keywords it is as well as how much traffic it will bring. If your product represents enough value the buyer keywords you use will convert your website traffic into sales. Remember its fine to use keyword phrases that bring in low volumes of traffic with high money making potential. Optimise your pages and content for these long tail keyword phrases and you’re sure to impress the search engines to no end. So answer your customers’ questions and they will do the converting for you.

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