Sep 14
Best Ways How to Avoid Google Sandbox
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By Bedrich Omacka

When you create new website you probably want to attract a lot of people to visit it as quickly as possible. There are many ways how to achieve this goal. One of them is search engine optimization. If you concentrate on this one you should be very careful to avoid Google sandbox. In this article you will learn what does Google sandbox mean and how to avoid it.

Google sandbox is a special penalty for new websites. If you start to build your backlinks too quickly your website will fall in the sandbox. This usually happens after a few weeks from the moment when Googlebot first time visits your website. In the beginning you get better and better rankings for your keywords and suddenly your site will fall. It is still indexed (try to Google for and you should see your pages indexed) but you cannot rank well even for you company name. This effect is called Google sandbox.

How long does Google sandbox last? There is no fixed time. It depends on the popularity of the keywords you are targeting. The more competitive keywords are the longer time will stay your website in the sandbox. E. g. jokes site may go out of sandbox after 3 months while web hosting website may stay sandboxed for 2 years.

So how to avoid the sandbox problem? When you start the link building process add only a few links every week. Don’t think about the quantity of links but about the quality. One link from PR 6 domain is better then 10 links from PR 0 websites. After 3 months you can add a little more links every week. Increase the number of added links regularly but slowly. This way you have real chance to avoid Google sandbox and get maximum visitors from your SEO effort.

But what to do if your website already is in the sandbox? Many webmasters do a big mistake when they don’t continue to build new backlinks and add new content regularly. They are waiting when the sandbox effect will be over. But there are some pretty good reasons why to continue with search engine optimization even though you are sandboxed:

1. If you don’t build new links and content the sandbox may last more time. So do everything like you did in the beginning to get out as quickly as possible. If you will be working hard you can speed up the process at least 2 times.

2. If you will continue with link building you can expect very good Google ranking when your site will go out of the sandbox. Those sites which are not optimized during the sandbox will stay where they were.

3. When you build backlinks you get also natural traffic from these links (unless you do link exchanges with link farms and similar black hat tactics). If visitors coming from these links will like your website it is possible that they will place a link at their websites and you get natural backlinks.

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