The 2 Most Important Factors to Increase Page Rank

By Deon Du Plessis

The Google Page Rank Algorithm is complex. Arguable there’s no ‘one person’ that fully understands it simply because the nature of it feeds off so many sources within Google that it’s truly becoming a robot that thinks for itself. To increase pagerank (PR) on a website, you will need to understand the main idea behind the page rank concept.

You can think of the Google Page Rank as being like the Billboard music chart. This chart is simply a ranking that shows which song or album is most popular. The popularity is determined by the one thing that makes it the most important which is sales in the case of music.

With websites the concept is the same, but determining what makes a site the most important is slightly more complex. There’s no one single factor that determines that. With the Google Page Rank system it basically combines a series of related factors into a rank. This rank then determines which site is more important and consequently which site will rank higher on Google “chart” for that specific search term.

Although the Google Page Rank Algorithm is complex your work as a website owner or  SEO experts is much simpler. Page rank boils down to backlinks. Backlinks is the easiest and most reliable way for Google to determine which site is more important. The common (and sometimes twisted) Google logic is that if other people think you are important enough to link to, then you must be important.

If you want to increase PR, then you simply have to start focusing your efforts on building backlinks to your site. The 2 most important factors to increase your page rank is this:

1. Get High PR Sites To Link To You
So, a high PR is an indication that you are important. If an important site with a high PR links to you, then Google recognizes this. Getting high PR backlinks is the most important factor in increasing PR. It becomes even more valuable if the high PR site linking back to you is an authority site in your niche or if it is highly relevant to your site. This is where the Google Page Rank Algorithm gets complicated, but don’t worry to much about that. A high PR link is worth gold regardless.

2. Getting a Large Volume Of Backlinks
Since getting quality back links from important sites with a high PR is so difficult, most of the time we are forced into building a large volume of links from sites with a lower pagerank. Obviously Google also recognizes this and assign a much lower value to these links. Although you need a lot more low PR links to increase page rank, they are still necessary and valuable. The danger of getting a lot of links from low PR pages is that it can easily be picked up as spam links. Be careful. Especially with new sites. You want to build up quantity links, but you need to do it slowly over time.

There’s a lot of other factors that many SEO experts claim to have a positive impact on your PR. Some of them like getting links from “.edu” sites might have some value, but for the most part focusing on quality and quantity links will get you the best results. It’s always wise to build both quality and quantity links. As a rule of thumb, you can split your link building efforts 60/40 with 60% of your time focused on quality links and 40% on building quantity links.

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