Some Things You Should Do After Creating Your Website

By Todd Daon

When your website is ready, you need to submit it to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and so on. The submission page for Google as an example is on the about Google link on the Google home page. Then you click submit content link. This is however not the end of that as this could just be a pointless effort. You have to make sure there are links to your site. If there are no links to your site the search engine will mostly not index your site and show results of your pages.

However, if there are many other links to your site you do not even have to bother to submit to the search engines as it will find your site by itself. Promoting your site is very important. Consider advertising on Yahoo, newspapers, Alta Vista, CNN and even Ask which puts your advertisement on Ask,, Excite, etc. Advertisements are a quick way to get to the first page of a search engine. You may also want to consider social book marking. This can bring incredible number of visitors to your site especially if you can get them to list you on their front page. The challenge however may be that your server may get overloaded due to the large number of people visiting your site. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for that.

Don’t be quick to place advertisements on your site just yet for first you need to create a good impression to the visitors of you site. Advertisements tend to drive them away from your site. So those who think that they can make a quick buck by placing adverts on their site better hold on for now. Make sure to ask for honest opinion from your friends concerning your site. Listen to what they think of it carefully because they are going to be the first ones to visit your website and if they are impressed about it they will help to promote it.

Join online blogging communities and social networking site. You may create forums concerning your site and get people to talk about it. You may even place a link to your site. In the social sites such as Facebook, Friendster and MySpace you can create groups concerning your site and get as many people to join them where you can try to popularize yourself and inform them about your site. One other way to get your site noticed is to leave a comment on another blog concerning your site. You may also leave your site address and for sure many people will follow the link. Always make sure the comments are not obvious for they are going to think that you are spamming them.

There are obviously very many methods of promoting your website and the best one to choose is up to you but be advised that the more methods you use the more number of visitors you can expect.

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