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Simple SEO Research Makes Money Online

By Gill Taylor

Using SEO, search engine optimization, and keyword research is a rather simple and reproducible way to start making money on the internet. Let’s look at the basics that every internet marketer worth their salt goes through.

Step 1: Get into the mind of your buyer -You can start by thinking about the overall intent and motivation of your potential buyer. Can you think about what questions they are asking? What are they trying to do? You should use all these questions and start doing some keyword research.

Remember that you get 2 types of buyers. The first is a more analytical thinker and tends to ask many how and what questions. How to make money online? What is the fastest way to make money? What is the safest way to start an online business? How do I get traffic?

Other prospects are more emotional and relational in their approach. Spontaneous and humanistic types are concerned with the experience and the results: best selling money ebook, most successful online business, internet marketing for newbies.

Start thinking like your potential customer Nearly all people want to make easy money and many people want to make money online. However, not all people want to start a business. So you would rather use the words that people use who want to make money, even though they probably have to start an online business to do so. Knowing where they are in the buying process will help you convert traffic into sales easier.

Step 2: Now start thinking a little wider -You can use a keyword analysing tool like Wordtracker Keyword Universe. You could use the keywords from step 1 and get more options by using the thesaurus option. Get some wider and broader terms around ‘make money online’. Make sure that the new keyword phrases comply with the theme of your website, something in the line of ‘get rich quick’, start a home business’ and ‘work from home’. Just remember to include the buyer keywords, because quality keywords are worth more than many crappy keywords.

Step 3: Prioritize your keywords -When you prioritize your keywords you should look at how strong a buyer keywords it is as well as how much traffic it will bring. If your product represents enough value the buyer keywords you use will convert your website traffic into sales. Remember its fine to use keyword phrases that bring in low volumes of traffic with high money making potential. Optimise your pages and content for these long tail keyword phrases and you’re sure to impress the search engines to no end. So answer your customers’ questions and they will do the converting for you.

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