How to Get Listed on Page 1 of Search Engines

By Nico Kurniawan

How to optimize your web pages to become search engine friendly? First, you need to work on HTML elements like Title tag, H1, H2, H3, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, Alt tags for images, links, and link texts are also very important. Second, try to get quality links from reputable websites (with high PageRank) and only relative websites. Third, start blogging with new and fresh contents at least one article a day to build readers base and spiders to come back more frequently.

Remember don’t overload your web page with keywords. Just use important keywords and phrases that make sense. Make sure it’s readable by search engines as well as humans.

The Title Tag is the title of the web page. If you use web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox, it shows up on top of the window.

For example, one of our blogs How To Promote Your Dating Site, you see “How to promote your dating site?” Each web page should have different Title Tag to describe the page. You can use a few keywords in there.

H1 is the most important heading, that is what you see “How to promote your dating site?” It should be the first title inside the page body, which can be similar to Title Tag. Then you can use H2, H3 if needed. You usually have one H1 and multiple H2 and H3.


There are many ways to build back links. However, it’s time consuming and requires lot of hard work. You can:

- submit articles to directories
- create ehow articles
- send press releases (like Lisa mentioned about PRWeb)
- submit your website to related websites (for dating, it will be dating directories)
- use social media like technorati, delicious, stumble upon, twitter, etc-
- create profile on social networking sites and add your website link
- create wiki
- create videos (submit to YouTube, etc)
- submit to Google local business center
- participate in forums (related)
- comment on blogs
- help others in Questions and Answers and post resources link
- link exchange (which does not work well because of two way links)
- paid banner ad
- paid link
- provide useful/free stuffs or info on your site, and people will link to you (automatically)

by doing all these, it will help to increase your ranking and traffic of your website.

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